A family owned trash and recycling hauler

 In our 30 years of operation we have made it our goal to bring quality to trash, to bring respectability to refuse, and to as they say, 'take it to the next level'.  Well, admittedly, we get a bit worked up about garbage, but our obsession is your gain!  It ensures that you will get great service - carts upright and lids closed, a clean area around your cart, and friendly, courteous drivers.  Our helpful office staff is always ready to assist our customers (at least 9:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F).  Imagine a real person answering your phone call with a friendly voice instead of a cold automated menu!

     Duncan Disposal doesn't end with great service and experience.  We are innovators and difference makers too.  Our unique FreeCycling System helps area residents recycle in a manner that makes sense.  Other Tri-County Area haulers opt to pick up recycling on an every-other-week basis - or not at all!  This practice leads to overflowing bins, missed recycling pickups and can be discouraging to people just trying to do a little something for their environment.  Duncan Disposal knows that recycling will only truly take place when it makes sense for everyone. Our FreeCycling System allows our customer to set their recycling out EVERY week. 

     If you have inquired about pricing at other companies around the Tri-County area, you may have noticed that recycling comes priced separately.  In addition to a hard to follow schedule, most companies charge an extra fee for recycling.  Duncan Disposal recycles our residential customers for no extra charge at all.  That doesn't mean we just roll our recycling cost into your trash price.  Even if you choose not to recycle, our pricing is among the lowest in the area in comparison to our competition's trash only service.


     We know that not all customers will choose to recycle, and that's ok with us.  You will still receive the kind of service and value we are known for.


     So whether you are an avid recycler looking for a hauler that gives you the options to meet your goals, or just looking for a great trash service that you can trust to be there for you for a long time to come; Duncan Disposal is your best choice.


     Thank you for visiting Duncan Disposal Service Online.  We hope that you find this website helpful and informative.  Feel free to pay your bill, check for holiday schedules, coupons, pricing and service areas.  New customers signing up online recieve one month trash service for free!



Tom, Randy and Scott Duncan